About Rescue Us:

Rescue us is a nonprofit organization located in Central Pennsylvania dedicated to finding safe loving homes for dogs and cats who have been abandoned or are homeless. 

We have a committed staff of volunteers whom are dedicated to our cause and the humane care and treatment of animals.

All of our pets have all their recent shots and a voucher for their spay or neuter from one of our sponsoring veterinarians.



Dog or Cat?

What type of pet is right for you?  Even if you have grown up with dogs all of you life, take the quiz you might be surprised by the inner cat in you!


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Pug or Mastiff? 

What type of dog is right for you?  Take the quiz and find a new best friend!

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Pets of the Month:


Adopt on of these pets duing the July and receive a $50 gift card to Pets Smarts:


Name: Bobby                          Name: Jasper

Breed:  Manx                          Breed: Pug

Age: 11 years                         Age: 5 years




Name: Milo                               Name: Spike

Breed: Short Hair Domestic         Breed: Dobermain/Mix

Age: 6 months                         Age: 1 year